Friday, June 24, 2011


   Well just the other day I was stumbling (no not the way you think!).  I was stumbling on the internet using a nifty little web-site called StumbleUpon when I found my brand new obsession.  This person is completely mental, I swear, it will blow your mind if you are nearly as easily amused as I am.  So here are some of my favorite videos...


Seriously? It would have been beautiful even after :56 seconds but then he has to go along and add a cave.

But wait! we're not done yet... we have to add a tree and birds.

    Just thought I'd share that with you... like I said before "easily amused".  But hey, check out some more of his insane paintings on The YouTube or his website Spacepaintings but sometimes the magic is in watching it unfold, impossibly, right before your eyes.
    So what educational lesson did we learn from watching this that will further improve our lives and help society? We didn't learn one. But la veritá della vita is: some of us will simply never be this talented... or bored enough to learn how to do this.

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