Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flower Power

I'm not much of a nature person, never have been, never will.  I avoid it at all costs like it's the plague.  Spending every possible moment within the safe confines of my home. However, there are those rare, choice events that can draw me outside of my cave.. ahem... I meant house.  One of those things would be the day the flowers bloom.  Personally there is just something ever so magical in the delicate petals of a flower.  Within it I can find endless amounts of inspiration, more so than nearly everything else.  Truthfully, while people are quite interesting, I just can't compare them to the unpredictable scenes found in nature.  While Katie may believe the exact opposite ("Flowers are boring!"), I will hold on to my belief though I can easily see her point.  Maybe it's just because I am socially awkward (to a painful degree may I add) that causes me to not take pictures of actual humans.  Or, maybe it's because I find it easier to see the flawed perfection of nature.  Nature does not judge, it simply exists in the most pure form of existence.  Where as I find it all to easy to see the darkness in people, the flaws they don't admit, the secrets, the lies, the deception of the human façade. But perhaps that is their form of beauty. Oppositely, flowers tell of no deception, what is seen on the outside is exactly what we know to be there.  Yet at the same time the way the flower blooms, it turns into something all its own.  It is random, it is unpredictable, it is beauty.  Perhaps I should give people a chance, one could see wonders through a camera if the subject allows for their flaws to be dominant... But for now I believe I will stay with the little treasures I find in nature.

Now La Veritá della vita is that sometimes we have to dig deep to find the beauty that lies within. But other times, it is just sitting on the surface.


  1. Beautiful pictures and words. I like the white flowers, though all the colors were lovely.

  2. Love. (I also love your background where did you find it?)

  3. Thank you! The background was from Shabby blogs and the layout was just one of the regular blogger ones.